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Nina Grace Music
  1. STRANGERS 4:22
  2. WILLITBE? 2:55
  3. THERAPY 3:00
  4. SUMMER HAZE 3:49
  5. HERE LIES 4:40


Nina Grace – “Rich Girl” (Cover) Live

Nina Grace – “So Good On My Own” Live

Nina Grace – “Strangers” Live

Nina Grace performing "Show Me You" live

Nina Grace – “Show Me You” Live

Nina Grace performs "The Web" live

Nina Grace – “The Web” Live

Nina Grace performs "Time Machine" live

Nina Grace – “Time Machine” Live



Nina Grace is a soulful and sultry singer-songwriter from NYC. She has been singing her whole life. When she was young, she sang in church and in her school choir. In high school, she sang in musicals and in other vocal ensembles. Nina Grace went on to study music at Barnard College, with vocal instruction specifically in opera and jazz.

In college, she not only honed her vocal craft, she also received piano instruction and learned music theory and composition. This is when Nina Grace began her discovery of songwriting and it has become her biggest passion since. After college, she spent two years honing her lyrical prowess with a songwriting coach.

Nina Grace describes her music as smooth, soulful, poetic, and honest. She has played many open mics and shows across NYC, and has been releasing music since 2019. In summer of 2021, Nina Grace started self producing her solo releases. She has also collaborated across genres in pop, EDM, and rock. Thank you for being on this journey!



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